Video by John Larkin Photography.

Singer/songwriter, Teagan Ward, isn’t from this this time or place. At least it doesn’t seem like she should be.   With her wild mane of long curls flinging around her head while she dances and her free spirited attitude combined with her soul-tingling vocals, she would fit well with the likesof Janis or Stevie. But Ward, has paid homage to these influences by bringing their spirit and sound to this generation for years.

Ward doesn’t just sing, she roars. And don’t be fooled by her small stature; this lady can match and exceed the vocal talents of legends, like Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin, with little effort. Whether you hear her perform solo or as the front woman for Rochester’s Teagan and the Tweeds, Ward always has the perfect recipe that will leave you satisfied. Her tunes are sweet like molasses – nothing bubblegum about them – paired with a soulful taste you’ll want to savor.

The Tweeds have rounded out her music adding new dimension and enhancing her style. In 2010 Teagan was voted “Best Solo Musician” by CITY Newspaper and again in 2012 along with “Best Original Band”-Teagan and the Tweeds.

Whether you catch her alone or with The Tweeds one of Teagan’s performances is sure to be an enjoyable experience. Be sure to check out Teagan’s solo album on iTunes as well as Teagan and the Tweeds’ NEW Album “Searching Game”

Upcoming Performances

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